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Juha Pasanen

European Union Border and Coast Guard Agency canine team Assessor
Former Main Instructor of K9 work at the Finnish Border and Coast Guard Academy

Long career at the border

Juha Pasanen has worked in the Finnish Border Guard’s K9 Unit for almost 30 years. Of these, 11 years as a dog handler and 10 years as a team leader for the dog group in the work unit, and the last 7 years as the main instructor of K9 work at the Finnish Border and Coast Guard Academy.

The main instructor’s duties included planning the teaching and courses of K9 works, developing the training, assessing the level of education, training / instructing dog handlers, and purchasing dogs.

International career

Juha has been a certified Frontex, European Border, and Coast Guard Agency, K9 team assessor since 2014 and works as an instructor and assessor on Frontex’s Dog Handler and Instructor courses.

Juha has worked and continues to work as an instructor and assessor in Frontex dog handler and trainer courses, as well as an instructor for various agencies (police, border, customs) in several European countries and as a trainer and consultant for Explosive Detection Dogs for companies providing Detection Dogs for the UN.