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BedBug Detection Dogs

Prevent bedbug infestations by choosing a reliable and experienced industry leader Incurred over 10 years of experience in operational work with bedbug detection dogs

PREVENTION: Detecting bedbugs in the early stages prevents their spread and helps avoid larger and more expensive problems.

PRECISION AND SPEED: Dogs detect bedbugs faster than traditional inspection methods, saving TIME and MONEY. Detecting small pests such as bed bugs can sometimes be challenging with human effort only.

SKILLED K9 INVESTIGATORS: Our experts use trained dogs to efficiently identify the hiding spots of bedbugs. In addition to the adult bedbug, dogs also recognize their various stages of development and unhatched eggs. Dogs have been taught not to react to dead bedbugs, and thus, we can also assess the success of the prevention measures already taken. 

tel. +358 466 000 551 email.


The International K9 Institute is the only company in Luxembourg that offers a wide range of highly trained bedbug dog reserves and professional dog trainers with professional degrees to help you with pest control.

Each of our dog handlers holds an official professional qualification as a dog trainer and handler, as well as specialized training in scent detection dogs with over 10 years of experience.

The bedbug detection dogs of the International K9 Institute are renowned for their reliability and performance.

Our dogs and handlers undergo regular testing annually to ensure their reliability.

Watch two videos where our dogs are working.


First place

If you suspect bedbugs in your apartment, our dog will quickly tell you if there is a need for control and if, where to start.


Proactive bedbug inspections in hotels, ships, and dormitories are a great way to stay one step ahead and tackle potential bedbug problems even before they appear.

Sensitivity and confidentiality

The reputation and customer satisfaction of your hotel or your other public spaces are paramount to us, and we assist you in maintaining them by preventing the spread of bedbugs. We work discreetly and observe confidentiality.



Bedbug Detection Dogs are trained to search for and identify ( Cimex Lectularius) a bedbug. A bedbug, known as a human parasite, uses blood for food and multiplies relatively quickly.

An adult bedbug is approx. 5-8 mm long, brown-colored insect that hides from light and can survive without food for several months. A bedbug does not know how to fly or jump, but it crawls along solid surfaces such as walls, curtains or the foot of a sofa.

Bedbug suction marks, or “bites,” often resemble an itchy mosquito bite. Reddish bumps may occur in clumps, singly or in large quantities. However, the reactions to the bite of the bedbug are individual, and some do not get any trace of the bite.


Professionalism and practical experience are gained only by studying, doing practical work, and constantly learning new things.

Enormous work has been done to get to these numbers, but they have also brought with them immeasurably valuable lessons and professionalism that cannot be achieved in any other way.

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