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Ibolya Gáti

Special Detection Dog trainer, and instructor, European Union Border and Coast Guard Agency canine team instructor

Towards the dreams

Ibolya Gáti began her career in the Hungarian police in 2001. After first working as a patrol and investigator in her hometown, she moved to work at the Hungarian Police Dog Center in 2006.

Her dream for the future was to work as a Police Dog handler but previous work experience in the police was not useful in this role. Ibolya worked hard to make her dream come true, and five years later she was able to start her first course – the Scent Identification Dog Handler Course.

Special search dogs

The biggest turning point in Ibolya’s dog training career came in 2012 when she met her mentor, Berthold Gasser from Austria, who was one of the first evaluators and senior trainers for FRONTEX dog teams.

Ibolya followed in Berthold’s footsteps and was certified as a FRONTEX K9 Team Instructor in 2014. She specialized in general purpose and special detection dogs.

International career

After the certification, she has worked as an instructor in FRONTEX dog handler and dog trainer courses. She has also worked as an assessor on FRONTEX courses since 2018.

Since 2016, Ibolya has worked as an instructor for the police, border guards, army, and customs in several European countries as well as in South Africa. She has also worked as a consultant for companies that train Explosive Detection Dogs for the UN as well as Drug Detection and Search and Rescue Dogs for authorities around the world.