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Explosive Detection Dogs

Quality-controlled explosive dredges to improve safety on the extraction site.

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Dynamite is used in quarrying sites to break up rock, for example. Despite all precautions, explosives may remain in the rock after blasting. Ensuring the safety of a construction site has been difficult, as it has so far been based on people’s sightings.

To ensure safety, a much more accurate observer is now available – a dog trained to search for explosives.

An Explosive Detection Dog is an unbeatable aid in locating and searching for unexploded ordnance on excavation sites during work, at the end of work, at handover, or when there is a change of contractor.


All of our trainers have several years of solid experience in training and operatively working with special detection dogs.


A charger is also part of our International K9 Institute’s explosive dog team. This, and the cooperation with Swerock, has enabled the continued availability of explosives for dog training. In this way, we ensure the high level and accuracy of our Explosive Detection Dogs’ skills.

High quality

Our explosive detection dogs are trained in accordance with the UNOPS Explosive Detection Dogs Quality Standards .

Quality control

Our dog reserve consists of quality-certified explosives dogs. Our dogs are certified internally on a quarterly basis and quality assessment is performed annually by an external third party.


The use of Explosive Detection Dogs is economical, reduces the risk of accidents, and saves time. Our Explosive Detection Dogs are ready to work to find unexploded construction site explosives, both on old explosive bases and during quarrying. The customer will receive a comprehensive survey of the area inspected by the Explosive Detection Dogs, including GPS routes and observation points.

“For us at Swerock, occupational safety is paramount. Fortunately, we have not had any accidents, but I have been looking for a solution to ensure the safety of the blast sites. Now the solution has finally been found and I challenge other players in the industry to use special detection dogs on their construction sites too.
– Ismo Kivimäki , Regional Director of Swerock.

Working together for goals

Common goals and shared values are the foundation of many success stories. So it was when we worked with Swerock to change the direction of explosives safety in our country for the better.
Swerock has provided IK9I’s Explosive Detection Dog teams with an excellent framework for training dogs and teaching odors in an authentic environment.
Although IK9I’s dog teams work independently for the benefit of all who need it, we also continue to work with Swerock for common safety.

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