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Problem solving and

Behavioral Clinic

The Dog Behavior Clinic helps and advises puppies to seniors in behavior problem solving, as well as in the teaching of everyday skills.

When everyday life doesn’t go smoothly

Common behavioral problems include leash aggression meaning aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people / cars / bikes, chasing, leash pulling, separation anxiety, sound sensitivity, aggressive / unpredictable behavior, various fears, resource problems, handling problems e.g. cutting nails, destroying goods and the home, problems with potty training, traveling problems in the car, escaping, recall problems, snapping, etc.

The behavioural clinic will look into the causes of the problem and identify the need and extent of any training that may be needed.

The change in dog’s behavior is best achieved with an individual starting point in mind. At the behavioral clinic, we map out your wishes and situation, and by planning together, we can find the most suitable training package for you and your dog.

It is possible to get a private training session in our training facilities in Perniö, Finland so we can practice without interruption in a peaceful environment. We also make home visits where possible.

If the cause of the disorder is pain, injury, or illness, we will enlist the help of a veterinarian.

Our training methods

Our training methods are based on behavioral sciences. In our teaching, we utilize the latest researched information about dogs’ behavior, learning, and needs. We follow the ethical rules of the Finnish Animal Training Association, and the training and handling of the animal are based on building a confidential relationship, successful communication, and strengthening the desired behavior.

In private training, in addition to the trainer, you also have an instructor with an assisting dog, so you can practice safely e.g. loose leash walking with another dog. There are several different types of assistance dogs to work with, so training is not limited to always training with the same dog. Counter conditioning / tolerating destinations (eg cars, bicycles, etc.) is also safe and efficient, as you have a vehicle and a driver in addition to the trainer. In this way, the number of repetitions and setting the appropriate distance from the vehicle goes smoothly. When treating separation anxiety, it is also possible to record the dog alone so that the fear of being alone can be treated as successfully as possible, following the dog’s reactions.

Make an appointment for a consultation

We always book at least 2 hours for the first visit. Any follow-up visits that may be required may be hourly. You will also have access to a written training plan tailored to you, which will allow the internship to run naturally between appointments. If you prefer, you can also order private control remotely online via the convenient Zoom video connection service.

You are warmly welcome to chat and find ways to have a smoother day with your dog!

Price list

First visit (2h) 200 € incl. VAT 24%

  • including a written training plan and an assistant if needed e.g. as a bypasser

Next hours 100 € / h incl. VAT 24%

  • including written follow-up instructions

    Home visits increase travel expenses (km reimbursement)