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The International K9 Institute is the only company in Finland that offers a wide range of highly trained dog reserves to help you with pest control. We have been pioneers in the Bed Bug Detection industry in Finland since 2013.

Detecting small pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches can sometimes be challenging with human effort. The dog’s superior sense of smell helps in identifying and locating pest cases when fast and reliable results are desired.

Superior sense of smell

In addition to the adult bedbug and cockroach, dogs also recognize their various stages of development and unhatched eggs. Dogs have been taught not to react to dead bedbugs, dead cockroaches, or other insects.

Pest control

We cooperate with the pest control company Pest 1 Oy. If You like, the Pest 1 team will take care of the pest problem, and you can focus on living without any worries about pests.

Dogs’ help

We trained and introduced Finland’s first Bed Bug Detection Dogs already in 2013. The excellent help of dogs in addition to control work gave rise to a growing need, and today dogs are a familiar sight in bed bug control and preventive inspections.

The dog is also an invaluable aid in locating active nest cavities in rats and in finding fresh traces and routes. Thus, the use of a dog can ensure the successful placement of control stations as well as the effective control of rats.

Skillfully hidden cockroaches are also easy to find with the help of a dog. That’s why our dogs also help locate them.

First place

If you suspect bedbugs or cockroaches in your apartment, our dog will quickly tell you if there is a need for control and if, where to start.


Proactive bedbug inspections in hotels, ships, and dormitories are a great way to stay one step ahead and tackle potential bedbug problems even before they appear.

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Bed Bug Detection Dogs are trained to search for and identify ( Cimex Lectularius) a bedbug. A Bed Bug, known as a human parasite, uses blood for food and multiplies relatively quickly.

An adult bedbug is approx. 5-8 mm long, brown-colored insect that hides from light and can survive without food for several months. A bedbug does not know how to fly or jump, but it crawls along solid surfaces such as walls, curtains or the foot of a sofa.

Bedbug suction marks, or “bites,” often resemble an itchy mosquito bite. Reddish bumps may occur in clumps, singly or in large quantities. However, the reactions to the bite of the bedbug are individual, and some do not get any trace of the bite.


The most common pest in Finland is the German cockroach ( Blattella germanica) . It is yellowish-brown, approx. 1 cm long and has two dark lines on the front shield.

They thrive in warm and humid places. In a residential apartment, they are most often found on the kitchen and bathroom side, but they also hide in ventilation and cable ducts.

A cockroach eats pretty much of everything that man does. They multiply rapidly and hide from light, so their invasion is usually not noticed until they have already settled into the house.

A Rat

The brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), most commonly found in Finland is already a familiar guest in urban environments. Rats spread diseases such as salmonella and cause damage to e.g. biting n house structures and electrical wiring.

The rat’s diet adapts very well to the options available, and it uses human leftovers and pet food, and is a familiar guest on bird feeders as well.

Rat has adapted to life in both the countryside and the city. It reproduces rapidly and prevention plays an important role in combating it.


Professionalism and practical experience are gained only by studying, doing practical work, and constantly learning new things.

Enormous work has been done to get to these numbers, but they have also brought with them immeasurably valuable lessons and professionalism that cannot be achieved in any other way.

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