Intensive training

all inclusive

During the all-inclusive intensive training period your dog will be staying in the KAER dog hotel.

Time to relax

When you don’t have enough time, or when you want to take a breather, you can bring your dog to an All-Inclusive Intensive training period with a professional dog trainer! During the training period, your dog will stay in the exclusive KAER dog hotel, where a private room or a cottage with a private yard will ensure comfort even outside the training sessions.

This service is a great addition when you bring your dog in for your holiday!

From everyday skills to specific expertise

Training is provided by top professionals in the field, all of whom have a registered animal trainer qualification. During the training period, your dog can be taught scent work, such as tracking, nosework, or even ID-tracking. More specific training, such as improving motivation to search or strengthening the indication, is also possible. This service is ideal for practicing everyday skills such as learning loose lead walking, passing other dogs, or even strengthening the release or coming when called. Ask for more details on sport specific behaviours!

Dog-oriented training

Our training methods are based on behavioral sciences. In our teaching, we utilize the latest researched information about dogs’ behavior, learning, and needs. We follow the ethical rules of the Finnish Animal Training Association, and the training and handling of the animal are based on building a confidential relationship, successful communication, and strengthening the desired behavior.


Book your preferred All Inclusive training period

To book a full board service, call +358 466 000 444 or email Let us know when you would like the training period to take place and what skills you would like to be practiced with your dog. If you’re not sure how long period you should book, our trainers will give you an initial estimate based on your wishes.

Ask also for a pick-up service!

Price list

All Inclusive full board training

100€/day/dog, incl. VAT 24%


  • Preliminary training plan
  • About 30 minutes of training per day
  • Full-time care in the KAER dog hotel
  • Hear about your dog’s progress during the training period

Ask for the price of the pick-up service when you book your training!