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International K9 Institute

High quality working dog and training services with experience and professionalism.

The International K9 Institute has expanded its operations to central Europe. Our office is in Luxemburg, in the dog welfare center Martha&Friends. Our training and course selection designed and implemented with our partner Martha&Friends can be found here

Welcome to our Central European courses!

Working dog course in Luxemburg.

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WhO are we? 

International K9 Institute Ltd is a training company that trains professional working dogs and offers a wide range of working dog services.
Our company provides training for professional scent detection, as well as other dog training for professionals, semi-professionals, and hobbyists.

Working dog services

Explosive Detection Dogs, Bed Bug Detection Dogs, and Conservation Detection Dogs at your service


Versatile training services for professionals and enthusiasts

About the company

The common goal is quality and reliability

Why we are different

We are a team of working dog professionals who, in cooperation with professionals in various other fields, are able to provide our clients with both detection dog services and follow-up procedures based on dogs’ searches. So you will always get help to complete the project, even if the dog work is done.

our latest projects

Our state-of-the-art working-dog reserve is constantly ready to serve in the field of conservation, pest control, and blast site safety.

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